China and Russia want the defense budget to fail, but not F-35

China and Russia are trying to get into the US, but the $768 billion defense budget makes it harder for them to do so. The Pentagon is confused about the current resolution, which is an interim spending measure that sets the budget level at (lower) levels than the previous year. This is because of a fight in Congress. If the ruling stands, it could cut spending on preparedness and bring readiness to an all-time high. It could also stop the Department of Defense from investing in innovation programs set out in the Defense Authorization Act.

When the program is cut down, it goes slower.

Wylie was a student at the Naval War College in the late 1940s and a teacher there in the early 1950s, when the US Navy sent him to the Air Force to talk about military roles and responsibilities. He criticized the Navy leaders for not being able to talk to Congress and the American people in a clear way. When the Navy asked for help for its large fleet, which was built to control the seas, the response was a mix of bad rhetoric and lack of understanding of strategy. Wylie says that senior executives used to take over discussions about maritime issues by using jargon, acronyms, and puns that most people didn't understand. He warned that such "intellectually closed enterprises" can only lead to "a kind of intellectual incest" and "a return to strategic lethargic mediocrity." He talked to World War II silver star Admiral Wylie. But Willie insisted that the insiders had been defeated, which meant that the US Navy could lose more of the convoy and the Air Force had won.

There was a dangerous threat to the Navy.

Worse, the Navy leaders had no idea why America needed a large Navy in the first place. As a result, Wylie's criticism of US Navy leadership today appears to apply to all services. At the very least, the Pentagon has never been able to convince Congress of the risks of continuing a long-term proposal. The military's proclivity for using hate speech is a myth. Instead of dismissing this as an insider hoax, service leaders should take the issue seriously and commit to resolving it. Experts must review the data until the criteria for the sixth year are met. I. Senior military personnel can explain to elected officials strategies, operations, and unit design. If you can't, you should be familiar with the subject. Third, the service should tell a story. This issue with the speakers was not a problem in government procedures, but it was a problem in real-world collapse. If you can't retire, you should be concerned about what you can't delete.

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