The new StrykerX from General Dynamics will be unrivaled in global conflict

new StrykerX from General Dynamics Land System

People don't usually know that General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) has made a lot of progress in artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled target recognition, multi-domain information processing, software-enabled weapon upgrades, and ground-breaking robotics.

But GDLS is trying to change this idea by showing that the company has been doing innovative research, engineering, and product development for a long time.

Even though GDLS is known for making platforms that have been tested in battle, like the Abrams battle tank and the Stryker fighting vehicle, the company has spent years looking for new technologies that can change the industry and integrating them.

The obvious evidence of this is the massive upgrades made to both the Abrams and the Stryker over time. When compared to their first versions, the platforms on which these cars are built now are almost entirely different.
It's been a while since the Abrams tank was first introduced. Half as long, but still quite a while, is how long the Stryker has been around. The two things for which we are most well known are and.

General Dynamics’ New StrykerX
General Dynamic's StrykerX 

However, we offer services related to air defense systems. As a company that makes robotic ground vehicles, we've come up with a way to use AI in ground combat vehicles. And these are the kinds of breakthroughs that aren't as strongly associated with our brand as we'd like them to be. " An interview with Keith Barclay, Director of U.S. Strategy and Growth at General Dynamics Land Systems GDLS will show off new "demonstration" StrykerX and AbramsX platforms at the Association of the United States Army Annual Symposium in 2022.

Lasers, drones, and air defense are on the new StrykerX.

The StrykerX demonstrator vehicle is equipped with cutting-edge new features that transform the way things are done by allowing it to launch attack drones, fire lasers, conduct electronic warfare (EW) operations, and acquire long-term "silent watch" capabilities. Extra space in the back makes it possible to transport an infantry squad, and wireless connections to all sensors make the vehicle even more useful. It can now be equipped with Stinger, javelin, and Hellfire missile launchers.

The StrykerX is a high-tech medical device that improves and updates some of Stryker's most cutting-edge technologies in important ways. High-powered "hunter-killer" surveillance and attack drones can be launched, along with laser weapons; Stinger and Hellfire missiles for short-range air defense; 30 mm cannons; and the ability to fire lasers. The Shrike 2 is a small surveillance drone that can take off and land vertically and track moving targets. Then, it can use a regular video data link to work with an attack missile to destroy its targets.

Our review so far from the New StrykerX.

Manufacturers of GDLS weapons say that their Stryker lasers can use Ku-band tracking radar to find targets even if the vehicle's other sensors stop working. As technology gets better, the StrykerX might be able to use much stronger lasers in the future. More powerful computers, mobile electrical power sources, and refined control systems will make this a reality.

Offense and defense can be carried out stealthily with Stryker vehicles. To be able to finish combat missions without giving away where they are is a huge tactical advantage.

The creators of StrykerX are also working on a system to jam the transmissions of enemy drones. An EW jamming system is used to prevent communication between two or more devices.
This update features several state-of-the-art enhancements to anti-aircraft defense. GDLS has also spent a lot of time and money studying, making, and improving robotic systems over the years it has been in business. Together with the Army, GDLS is looking into new ways to improve autonomy, vehicle-launched drones, and multi-domain manned and unmanned teaming.

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