US Air Force's Mach 6-capable SR-72 Blackbird

The SR-72 "Son of Blackbird" reconnaissance plane will be a great plane in every way. Plans call for speeds of up to Mach 6, unmanned flight options, and the ability to arm itself with hypersonic missiles. It what plane was maverick testing in Top Gun: Maverick

SR-72. Image Credit: Lockheed Martin
SR-72 Darkstar - Credit Lockheed Martin

"Son of Blackbird," SR-72: Do We Need It?
Anywhere in the world, it can happen very quickly. Even so, you should think about whether or not you really need an airplane. Can it be taken away so that a spy satellite, a technical barrier, or a smaller budget can be added?
What is the SR-72 son of the Blackbird?

The SR-72 Blackbird is like the SR-71 in that it can gather information, track Blackbird aliases, and figure out who they belong to. In 1998, the SR-71 stopped being used. Both planes were made by Lockheed Martin, which has a secret company called Skunk Works. SR-72: Development Period

There is still a long way to go for the SR-72. But the tech display isn't likely to fly for the first time for another two to four years. It might be another 10 years before the Air Force puts a lot of people online. Still, the program needs political support from the White House, the Department of Defense, and Congress that will last for a long time.

SR-71 Spy Plane

Can things get better?

Also, this ability must go beyond the enemy's ability to make anti-aircraft weapons. Yes, Blackbeard could get past air defenses now if he could fly at Mach 6 (4,100 mph), but what about in the future?

It could be dropped from the sky by an enemy supersonic or laser missile. The SR-72 can be hit by enemy fighter jets that move fast enough.

The SR-72 should also be able to land fast enough. How can it be made bigger? Spy planes appear to start at least one other craft. A lot of how hot something is depends on how fast it is moving. This is true for carbon, ceramic, ceramic compounds, mixed carbon, pottery, and metal. The scramble engine is still being worked on and is a question mark.

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At this point, the full price is unknown, but Lockheed Martin says that the cost of unmanned aircraft could be as much as $1 billion. KOVID-19 In the first episode, there was a breakthrough epidemic (Covid-19) or this important event. What's most important to you right now? Engines or airplane frame? Both of them were made at the same time? Then you need more time, money, and tools.

Stealth is also hard to spot because of how hot a plane gets when it's flying. Over the next 10 years, this technology must also be made better.

Give it a chance, SR-72

I'm not sure about the SR-72 right now. Planes are exciting, that's for sure. Mach 6 is enough to get the project going. But there are still a lot of questions. The budget is in the works. When it comes to trying to figure out what will be popular in ten years, the political will isn't clear. Spy satellites can gather information in a way that makes the SR-72 useless unless Blackbeard's Son is equipped with its hypersonic missile.

But let's give Blackbird's son a chance and give him a two- or three-year sentence. Make sure the procurement program has enough time to fly a technology demonstrator. Then you'll know if the SR-72 keeps its promise, and you can stop it from breaking that promise.

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