SkyWest Is Proud To Have Sling Pilot Academy As A Partner

The different programs and benefits SkyWest offers to its Elite Partner students show how much it cares about excellence and building good character. 

Pilots' preparation at Sling Pilot Academy in southern California directly accepts a direct path to SkyWest Airlines, thanks to the newly established Elite Partnership alongside the Utah-based airline.

Sling Pilot Academy has locations at Zamperini Field Airport (KTOA) in Torrance and Gillespie Field Airport (KSEE) in San Diego. The academy uses a fleet of glass-cockpit Sling NGT aircraft in an accelerated program designed to prepare applicants from zero-fourth dimension to commercial pilot certification. Graduates can become instructors at the academy to build their experience to the required 1,500 hours for airline use. 

The university was founded four years ago to train pilots for careers in the airline industry. The academy fleet includes 26 aircraft and four ATDs (aviation grooming devices), consisting of all-new Sling NGTs and Tecnam P2006T twins, together with a Super Decathlon for spins and aerobatics that upset recovery preparation.

There is already a history of graduates gaining employment at SkyWest, according to Wayne Toddun, co-CEO of Sling Pilot Academy.

"With this novel collaboration, we anticipate supplying fifty percent more graduates to SkyWest while also knowing they will do well," Toddun said. "SkyWest Airlines has a fantastic reputation for character preparation. "Many of our graduates have also expressed that the experience gained flying in our all-glass cockpit Sling NGT trainers, combined with the pedagogy in our all-glass cockpit Sling NGT trainers, made it easier for them to transition into flying commercial aircraft at SkyWest." 

As an Elite Partner, eligible Sling Pilot Academy students can also savor additional benefits such as $15,000 in tuition reimbursement through certain program milestones, exclusive workshops, and access to a dedicated SkyWest liaison committed to Sling Pilot Academy students.

SkyWest’s Pilot Pathway Program is designed to provide a clear path for students to launch their airplane pilot careers as well as offer society benefits including enhanced seniority, access to experienced airplane pilot mentors, interview prep, and a guaranteed last interview for a starting time officer place at SkyWest.

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