The World's Top 10 Best Presidential Aircraft

10 BEST Presidential Aircraft
Airbus A310-300 Canada

These planes were built with the express purpose of ferrying around the world's most powerful people in complete safety and luxury. When it comes to planes, there is no doubt that the President's jet is the safest in the world. True flying fortresses, these crafts can withstand a wide variety of destructive forces. They're built using cutting-edge technology and have some neat extras that standard airplanes don't have. 

It goes without saying that making, flying, and taking care of such an airplane is very expensive. It makes sense, though, that governments and militaries all over the world would use such a high-tech and well-protected way to fly their most important leaders. 

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 The President of the United States, among other international leaders, is afforded 24-hour security. It makes sense that their governments would take steps to make sure they are safe when they are so high up. Still, aerospace companies have made their already impressive designs for presidential planes even better by adding a lot of new features. In the interest of keeping you guessing, the presidential plane has the ability to command ballistic missiles from submerged submarines. That's really awesome!

1/10 | A310-300 from Airbus

Airbus A310-300 (Canada)

One of the most fascinating inventions on our list is a huge airliner designed by Airbus. The plane gets where it's going thanks to a couple of jet engines. When utilized for passenger transport on commercial flights, the plane can hold up to 220 people.

When it comes to government use, however, Canada's Prime Minister is transported by a fleet of A-310-300s, including a number of customizations. To better serve the passengers, the facility has been partitioned into many rooms.

2/10 | The British Air Force Space Shuttle-like Airbus A330MRTT

Royal Air Force Airbus A330MRTT

The Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom chose the Airbus A330MRTT so that its highest-ranking officials could fly safely. But it's important to note that Britain and Northern Ireland aren't the only countries with this masterpiece in their fleet; a dozen other countries either already have or will soon acquire this plane.

Almost 60 different types of premium seats, reserved for extremely important persons (VIPs) in the countries that operate them, have been created out of the 380 original passenger seats. There's also a military variant that's gorgeous.

3/10 | Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330-200 (France)

The French Air Force has both high-tech Rafale fighter jets and strong, reliable presidential planes. The A330-220 is another example of how serious Airbus is about its work. In this case, it is making sure that high-profile people can travel safely.

The A330-200 is the most cutting-edge of the French presidential aircraft fleet, which also includes the A310-300 and the A340-200. More than two decades have passed with no mishaps!

4/10 | Boeing 747-400 As with the Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 747-400/Boeing 777-300ER (Japan)

The Japanese prime minister now flies on a Boeing 777-300ER, the new presidential plane for the Japanese government. The older Boeing 747-400s were retired from service after many productive years.

The Boeing 777 needs little introduction; it's one of the world's most recognizable aircraft. The main body is extremely modifiable, which simplified the extensive overhauls necessary to make it functional as a presidential plane.

5/10 | Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400 (China)

You might be surprised to learn that, even though China is a global superpower, we are not aware of a presidential plane. There is a rumor that a fleet of Boeing 747-400s is used to transport the company's highest-ranking officials. You can count on this plane to get you where you're going safely and with plenty of room to spare.

It's possible that China is working on, or maybe has already begun manufacturing, a presidential plane. The Chinese Air Force may have recently purchased a new presidential plane, although this information has not been made public.

6/10 | Airbus A340-300

Airbus A340-300 Airliner (Germany)

Germany, one of Europe's most influential nations, has chosen the Airbus A340-300 as its primary presidential aircraft. Both the Airbus 320 and these planes have undergone several improvements. Germany has modified a large number of aircraft specifically for the task of flying in prominent people.

There is adequate room for the president and his or her cabinet on a standard A340-300 airplane, which can carry between 200 and 300 passengers. In most situations, the platform is trustworthy and effective.

7/10 | The Prestige, an Airbus A330-243

Airbus A330-243 Prestige (Kazakhstan)

Among the countries with fleets of the A330-243 is Kazakhstan. All the more impressive are these planes now that they bear the colors of their respective nations' flags. The model has two engines and several cutting-edge design features, making it a great form of transportation in the current world.

Important leaders from the G20 countries are routinely transported on foreign flights using flight A-330-243. This by itself is enough to boost confidence in the plane's dependability.

8/10 | IL-96-300PU Ilyushin And a TU-214 Tupolev

Ilyushin IL-96-300PU And Tupolev TU-214 (Russia)

There were many variations of presidential planes used by the Soviet Union and Russia. Moscow and Washington DC, utilize the vast majority of the world's most sophisticated presidential planes.

The two models you see here were both created by Russian designers and engineers. Ilyushin, a Russian aerospace behemoth, is best known for making military cargo planes, whereas Tupolev is the company that produces the bulk of Russia's fighter jets and bombers.

9/10 | Boeing E-4B

Boeing E-4B Nightwatch

The US presidential planes, possibly the most interesting section of this list, have been saved for last. The Boeing E-4B, also known as "the Doomsday plane," is an airborne platform that can be used for many different things and is made to withstand a wide range of destructive forces.

Boeing wasn't joking when it said the plane could fly for more than 600 hours on a single tank of fuel and had advanced defense systems. Numerous other devices transform it into a genuine aerial control center for the most significant leaders in the United States.

10/10 | VC25 Boeing

Boeing VC25 AF1

The jet used by the President of the United States, who is the object of the highest level of security, is flown about in a Boeing VC-25. This is why the plane's specifications have been kept secret for so long.

We only know that the President of the United States can multitask on board and that it's more durable than the Doomsday plane. Its design accommodates the US Air Force One's most outlandish needs.

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