The Top 10 Best Military Trucks Ever Made


Most militaries make extensive use of military trucks. The modern military can't do without them, and their low cost and practicality make them a must. In the military, trucks are used for many things, like moving supplies, equipment, troops, and other cargo.

Transportation is the primary function for these vehicles because of their substantial payload advantages over light utility vehicles. When choosing the best of this type, things like high reliability, the maximum payload, the number of units made, all-terrain mobility, and other factors are taken into account.Most armed forces still rely on tried-and-true military truck designs from decades past (some can even be driven on the streets).

Even though some of these trucks were first released several decades ago, they have undergone numerous upgrades and modifications since then. Now, then, let's take a look at the top ten most effective military trucks in the world.

10/10 - IVECO M250


Iveco, an Italian automaker, has produced excellent military vehicles, particularly trucks. The truck's high levels of on-road and off-road mobility make it suitable for use on any terrain. The standard configuration for this model is 6x6, but a 4x4 version (M170) and an 8x8 version (M320) are also available.

Each variant, such as the M250, has a unique maximum load capacity. A maximum of 7,630 pounds can be transported by the 45WM. With a few quick adjustments, the C-130 Hercules heavy transport plane can carry M250 trucks.

9/10 - LVSR


The United States Logistic Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR) was developed to replace the Oshkosh Mk. 48 family of aircraft. The Marine Corps needs two thousand of these vehicles, with deliveries beginning in 2009. Carrying heavy machinery is primarily what they do.

The LVSR's 10x10 configuration allows it to carry nearly 12 tons off-road and 20.4 tons on the road. The vehicle has an armored cabin and seats that can absorb shocks. You can also buy an extra armor kit for even more protection.

8/10 - HEMTT


The HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck), another American-made truck, is a heavy-duty 8x8 vehicle that can function in any environment. Over 15 thousand trucks were produced, with many variants.

The United States Army uses these vehicles for a variety of tactical purposes. The crew can get some added protection from a kit of optional extra armor. Lastly, the HEMTT A4 is an improved version that includes new features not found in the original.

7/10 - KamAZ-5350


The United States Army uses these vehicles for a variety of tactical purposes. The crew can get some added protection from a kit of optional extra armor. Lastly, the HEMTT A4 is an improved version that includes new features not found in the original.

The KamAZ truck has a maximum payload of six tons in normal road conditions, but it can pull trailers weighing up to seven tons.

6/10 - MTVR


For the US Navy and Marine Corps, Oshkosh designed the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement. A 6x6 layout gives the truck respectable maneuverability and dependability. It has been shipped all over the world with great success. Some examples include the UK, Iraq, Egypt, Greece, and more.

It has a maximum payload of seven tons on the road and fifteen tons when used off-road. In addition, it can pull loads up to 11 tons lighter.

5/10 - KrAZ-6322


The sturdy truck was built by the Ukrainians using a tried-and-true design. The truck has been on the market since 1999, and it has been exported to many countries, including Angola, Egypt, India, and many others.

Though it can pull a trailer weighing up to 30 tons, its maximum payload is only 10 tons. Any plane up to 75 tons in weight can be towed by it on airport runways. Its primary function is to transport soldiers. The vehicle's off-road capabilities mean it can carry 24 soldiers in comfort across any terrain.

4/10 - Ural-4320


The Ural-375, a Russian off-road truck, served as a model for the new vehicle. Production on the Ural-375 began in 1961. It follows all the norms of conventional design, but there are no striking innovations.

It has a maximum payload capacity of 4.5 tons off-road and 6 tons on-road. It can work in a wide temperature range, from -58 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit, as well.

3/10 - MAN SX


The MAN SX series couldn't be left off the list, as it is extremely popular and is used by the armed forces of many countries. 8x8 SX45 trucks, though 6x6 SX44 trucks are also available and can carry up to 16 tons.

The vehicles were built to haul massive pieces of military hardware, such as missile launchers, radar, and more. The SX has twin turbocharged engines in the floor and the floor behind the cabin. Because of the design, the vehicle's overall height is lowered. Because of its mobility, it can keep up with the speed of other military trucks.

2/10 - M1078 LMTV and M1083 MTV

M1078 LMTV and M1083 MTV

The cabin, the engine, the tires, and many other components are all identical between these two models. The M1078 is the standard vehicle for hauling cargo, while the M1083 is the standard 6x6.

These trucks are advantageous because of their longevity, efficiency, and low production and maintenance costs. They have been made available to many nations because of the 21st century functionality built into their designs.

1/10 - Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG

Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG

The German UNIMOG is still one of the most effective and successful designs of its kind today, despite being created in 1946 (a few years after World War II). It's been seven decades since its introduction, but the truck is still manufactured today. It's fascinating how similar its core structure is.

The UNIMOG was designed by Mercedes-Benz, which also manufactures the chassis for its own highly successful G-class military light utility vehicle. It comes in both 4x4 and 6x6 configurations. The truck is dependable and highly effective in its roles, and it features excellent off-road capabilities. The fleet of UNIMOG vehicles is used for many different things, like moving troops and equipment, acting as ambulances, and being command vehicles.

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