The Bombardier Global 8000 to Be Added to the Fleet of NetJets

Bombardier Global 8000
Bombardier Global 8000 [Image:]

According to an announcement made by the aircraft manufacturer midweek, NetJets will be the Bombardier Global 8000’s fleet launch customer, adding the cutting-edge platform to its already expansive fleet of more than 850 aircraft.

The long-fourth dimension fractional society has placed a firm order for three hundred and twelve million dollar iv Global 8000 ultralong-reach jets. Eight existing orders for Bombardier products were also converted, according to the OEM.

“The new Global 8000 aircraft is the ultimate solution for NetJets’ discerning Owners, offering a truly seamless individual aviation experience,” said Eric Martel, president together with CEO, of Bombardier.

“NetJets’ feel and expertise make them the ideal partner to unlock the full potential of this revolutionary Mach 0.94 business organisation jet in a big fleet context. Our valued human relationship continues to grow stronger, too we are proud to share this historic milestone together.”

This new commitment complements the Global 7500s that NetJets already has on club as well as inwards service. The operator intends to expand the fleet to 24 Global 8000s and, at some point in the future, upgrade the entire Global 7500 fleet to Global 8000s.

“The novel Global 8000 volition aid us to go on offering our owners, specifically our international travelers, the summit in unforgettably personalized experiences aboard the finest ultralong-reach aircraft available,” said Patrick Gallagher, NetJets’ president of sales, marketing, too service.

Bombardier too said NetJets could keep expanding its fleet through options that it has the right to practice soon.

“With inventory sold out through 2023 in the U.south., nosotros are continuing to invest inwards farther expansion for prospective owners inwards North America in addition to across the world. In fact, past the stop of 2023, nosotros are proud to percentage that our worldwide fleet will be or so thirty per centum larger than it was at the commencement of 2022,” Gallagher said.

Bombardier unveiled the long-range Global 8000 earlier this year at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently, it is inward flying testing and has reached its projected viii,000-nm range at a speed of Mach 0.94. The Global 8000 is expected to enter the market in 2025.

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