The JH-XX is China's newest stealth bomber?

The JH-XX is a new project in China that is being talked about a lot. It is either a stealth bomber or a fighter. Here are all the facts we know right now. At least in a technical sense, JH-XX does not exist. Western intelligence agencies actually call the PRC's plan to build a new stealth bomber by this name.
In January 2018, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reported for the first time that China had started building a new bomber. Stealth technology is still a big part of the development of this new bomber, which probably won't be ready to fly for the first time until 2025.
Since then, a few new facts have come to light.
The People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) of the People's Liberation Army of China announced that it has signed a contract with the Xi'an Aircraft Industry Corporation to build the launch pad. One question. Are you referring to planes?

Xian H-20 vs. JH-XX

Beijing has shared some information about the Xian H-20, a stealthy subsonic bomber that is still being made. Officials from the Chinese military say that they can hit targets off of another island without refueling and while carrying more than 10 tons of payload.

Even though the plane hasn't been officially announced yet, its return to January may be the next generation of long-term strategic bombers.

The setting of "video recruitment" from "Youth Dream" first showed up on YouTube on January 5, 2021. After he joined the airline and became a pilot, several employees followed him. It was over when the plane came, and the bomber with wings was actually H–20.

The South China Morning Post said in May that China North Industries Group (NORINCO), a Chinese defense company, has released four computer images of the Xian H-20. This means that the plane has a gun position, and that both can be changed. There are two hidden air intakes on each side and wings on the back.

The H-20 will also have conventional nuclear missiles. It will be able to take off with a maximum weight of at least 200 tons and carry up to 45 tons of cargo. The bomber should be able to go faster than the speed of sound, but it could also have up to four powerful supersonic radar cruise missiles. People also think that Chinese designers put stealth and a long range ahead of speed.

The H-20 bomber will be able to attack US bases in Japan, Guam, and the Philippines, but it is unlikely to reach the third target in the chain on the island of Hawaii or off the coast of Australia. The Chinese may also be working on the JH-XX, which is said to be a supersonic tactical bomber/fighter-bomber with higher speeds that could be used against regional enemies to help China gain land in eastern and southern China. Sea. Some details about the JH-XX have been made public, but it is thought that it will look more like the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor or Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II than the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider, which is always changing. So, it will increase the H-20's range and cargo capacity, let it go faster, and maybe even make it better at dogfights.

The H-20 will be an offensive platform, while the JH-XX will be a defensive platform that can respond to any counterattack in the area. All of this should be important to the governments of Washington, Taipei, Tokyo, and the whole Maritime Southeast Asia region.

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